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Beat The Pro

So, you think you’re not one to get beaten by a girl, huh? Try Sarah McCowin. The A&A Charity golf event not only has terrific gal players – but we set you up to “Beat the gal pro” and add to the proceeds raised. Get your “Be a stick” on baby.

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Win These

There are several chances to take home a 2019 Audi Q5 and A6, as well as a 2019 Harley Davidson XL 883N Sportster® Iron! Drop an ACE n’ pimp your ride.

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Super Sponsors

Charity events cannot succeed without amazing partners and sponsors and here at A&A our sponsors…are just super. We’d love to have you join us this coming year so get on the train.

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Good Eats

No matter what type of grub we put out at our event – it will be top notch, be it amazing catered Mexican or the classiest Beverly Hills level breakfast from Nate n’ Al’s. Gotta feed the machine before putting well…on the green.

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Perks & SWAG

Mo stuff – mo stuff n’ mo stuff, but really good stuff. We’re talking about top quality – stuff when you come join us at our annual Charity golf event. We’ve got real leather and massages just to mention a few…and it gets better all the time.

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Auction Amazeballs

The A&A family has an amazing interface with companies and vendors. What does that produce? A tremendous inventory of items to take home whether found on our Opportunity board, live auction or silent auction.

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Charity golf awards

Finnigan Award

Addiction recovery has never, and will never be, a solo effort. When you hear one’s story there will always be one person who either began their journey with them or who was the key to their successful recovery. A&A is proud to honor such a person, annually, in the name of the ultimate recovery teammate – Candy Finnigan.

Charity Golf awards

Warrior Award

A&A, at every level, recognizes and knows what it takes to achieve a life of sobriety. We annually honor one individual who has fought a battle beyond the norm, and come out on top.

The Beneficiaries

The A&A foundation charity golf proceeds assist in supporting individuals and families already engaged in a program of recovery, who are now ready for the next step, yet lack the financial means to move forward. The typical A&A recipient has some sober time, is actively involved in a 12-step program, and has specific goals to begin a new life. Along these lines, he/she is also in need of general financial assistance for interview attire, sober/transitional housing, life coaching, family coaching, and/or therapeutic or clinical services, to continue building upon their new foundation. Therefore A&A chooses those to whom they provide financial support and access to such services, tailored to their needs, and are positioned to overcome the most common factors which lead to relapse: extreme financial hardship, a lack of “safe” housing, unhealthy/uneducated family system dynamics, underdeveloped coping skills, and a lack of professional guidance on how to move forward. We thank you for your support of The A&A Foundation. >> LEARN MORE

The A&A Foundation Board of Directors

A&A’s Board of Directors

The board leadership of A&A provides an amazing history of leadership, experience, history and perspective. We’re so very proud of our board.

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Addiction Recovery Facts

The A&A family is deeply committed to assisting every person this event can touch, in need of addiction recovery assistance, but we’re also dedicated to education.

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Special Thanks

The A&A Foundation acknowledges the immense effort required to host such an amazing charitable event. Achieving success for our beneficiaries takes a whole lotta love n’ help.


Every charitable event needs great Volunteers with a tremendous attitude and boy are A&A’s Volunteers equal to the task. Wanna join us next year?


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