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Candy Finnigan will forever be recognized as A&A’s inaugural recipient of the ‘Life Works’ award. As Candy well knows, addiction recovery has never, and will never be, a solo effort. Each year A&A will honor another recipient who very well knows that when you hear one’s recovery story there will always be one person who either began their journey with them or who was the key to their successful recovery.


The A&A leadership and Board of Directors, at every level, recognize and understand the extreme effort necessary to achieve a life of sobriety. In virtually every case, the road is filled with many emotional and traumatic ups-n-downs, en route to recovery. A&A is incredibly pleased to annually honor one individual who has fought a battle beyond, pushed through the pain, struggle and self-doubt, and come out on top. Clean n’ Sober.

2019 – 2nd Annual Winners


Lynne Pedersen

Lynne Pedersen is known for her unbridled passion and fierce commitment to anyone in need of care. She has over 30 years of experience in the adolescent mental health field. Lynne has laid the foundation of some of the finest programs in the nation. She possesses an innate ability to create spaces where healing and integrity are paramount. Her expertise in program development has her sought after by new and emerging programs, but Lynne has chosen to focus on ONE.

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Eric Moore

Eric Moore has been an active member of AA for over a decade. He has helped anyone we have asked him to, over the years. He was a positive influence in Aaron’s early recovery and has shown up for many people in the community over the past years. He is a recovery warrior and we are grateful he has taken his spirit and energy into the recovery field at a larger level. He is a principled man, and one we respect very much. He now partially owns MCR Recovery and RAD sober living. We cannot find a background on his site, yet we believe 100% that he is a warrior.

2018 – 1st Annual Winners


Candy Finnigan

Candy Finnigan is a nationally recognized addiction specialist and interventionist and has been involved in all areas of recovery for over 25 years.

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Phil Azenzer

Phil’s struggle with addiction began at an early age. Born and raised in New York, he enjoyed a comfortable childhood in a big European family where large Sunday gatherings were a tradition. Phil looked up to the men in his family, particularly, his grandfather and uncle.

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