The A&A Foundation empowers individuals and families struggling to obtain recovery services by funding the addiction and mental health support that is so critical to their success.

We believe that when a family is supported throughout the recovery process, a client has the best chance of returning to a productive life. We recognize that while recovery may begin with treatment, every person’s post-treatment journey is different. Maintaining the momentum created in treatment is crucial and may require transitional living, case management, coaching, therapy, and/or clinical support.

Obtaining funding for these additional services can be challenging. Often an insurance policy will pay for treatment but will not provide financial assistance for any part of an aftercare regimen. This can put a huge strain on a family who is struggling financially, forcing them to either take on a heavy financial burden or to deny their loved ones much needed support. Without this additional assistance, the combination of underdeveloped coping skills, emotional triggers and lack of family education, can and does, often lead to client relapse. The A&A Foundation supports individuals and families through this difficult transition and into long-term sobriety and recovery.


The money we raised in 2018 was used to develop and formalize our application submission process and evaluation procedures. With all systems in place, we are thrilled to announce disbursements will commence after the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament in 2019.



We support individuals and families already engaged in a program of recovery, who are ready for the next step, yet lack the financial means to move forward. While we evaluate each case individually, our typical recipient has some sober time, is actively involved in a 12-step program, and has specific goals to begin a new life. Along these lines, he/she is also in need of general financial assistance for interview attire, sober/transitional housing, life coaching, family coaching, and/or therapeutic or clinical services, to continue building upon their new foundation.


By providing financial support for access to such services, people in recovery remain immersed a recovery-focused regimen, tailored to their needs, and are positioned to overcome the most common factors which lead to relapse: extreme financial hardship, a lack of “safe” housing, unhealthy/uneducated family system dynamics, underdeveloped coping skills, and a lack of professional guidance on how to move forward. We support individuals and families throughout the recovery journey at any stage, in order to achieve long-term sobriety and live a productive life. When additional financial resources are needed The A&A Foundation is here to help.


Applicants fill out the online submission form and receive notification of receipt within one week. The A&A Foundation board of directors meet regularly to review each submission and select the most appropriate applicants for the next step, personal interviews.

After meeting with a diverse group of applicants, the board reconvenes to make final decisions and disbursements are mailed to scholarship recipients within one week.



Our knowledgeable board of directors has long-standing relationships with industry partners. We work with a hand-selected network of treatment facilities, sober living homes, life, career, and recovery coaches, addiction specialists, therapists, and clinicians to ensure our scholarship recipients receive the most appropriate care for their needs.

If you’re not doing anything different, you’re not doing anything at all.
Aaron Postil • Co-Founder of A&A Foundation
Find someone to trust, then listen and learn from them,” is Susan’s advice to anyone who is struggling.
Susan Moore • A&A Board
An individual can heal alone, but a family must heal together.
Angela Carrillo • Co-Founder, A&A Foundation


Each member of our Board of Directors has personally experienced, whether in their own lives or through loved ones, the damage that active addiction and mental health issues can cause, and the power and freedom that recovery offers.

Aaron Postil • Co-Founder

“If you’re not doing anything different, you’re not doing anything at all.”

Aaron Postil is the co-founder of both The A&A Foundation and Brass Tacks Recovery. After his own intense and ultimately successful experience with recovery, Aaron knew he wanted to give back and help others going through the same process. He has dedicated his life to helping people get sober. His work is built upon loyalty, integrity, courage and family. He believes that if someone is invested in recovery, it will change the lives of everyone around them.

Angela Carrillo • Co-Founder

“An individual can heal alone, but a family must heal together.”

Angela Carrillo is the co-founder of both The A&A Foundation and Brass Tacks Recovery. She is a Certified Professional Coach who brings trauma-informed education and empathy to clients and families. She sits on the board of several philanthropic organizations in Southern California. Angela believes in being fierce, living with integrity, acting with loyalty, and expressing with vulnerability. She and her family sought help when they were struggling, and she is grateful for the generosity of everyone who helped her family afford much needed addiction treatment. She hopes The A&A Foundation will similarly help many individuals who want to change their lives. Angela believes that recovery is powerful because it comes with an unlimited magnitude for an individual to live a life in absolute congruence with their highest potential.

Susan L. Moore

“Find someone to trust, then listen and learn from them,” is Susan’s advice to anyone who is struggling.”

Susan L. Moore is part of a family owned restaurant business that began in 1971. Driven by her passion and commitment to her family, Susan has successfully owned two restaurants for more than a decade. She believes that her perspective as a mother has made her compassionate, open-minded, and humble. Susan wholeheartedly believes in the power of recovery. She has seen it unite families who were divided and save lives that many believed were beyond saving.

Sari Averill

“There is hope.”

Sari Averill has worked in the beauty and entertainment industries for over thirty years. At a young age, her entrepreneurial spirit enabled her to turn her passion for helping people feel better about themselves into a career. She has worked at some of LA’s top salons and has a loyal following of clients whom she considers friends. Sari has experienced, firsthand, the power of recovery. She has been sober for almost twenty years. She attributes both her professional and personal success and happiness to the support and guidance of Alcoholics Anonymous and her prayer and meditation practice. She believes that just as much as addiction can negatively affect a family, recovery can heal those wounds and foster understanding and love.


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